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Forex Scalping Made Easy

The foreign exchange market is a volatile one.  No different from a body of water, it tosses and turns.  Individuals braving themselves aboard the dinghies of forex scalping sit tight and hold on for the ride of their lives as waves peak and crash, with currents churning beneath.  Although roller coaster rides impart a similar… Read More »

Using Simple Historical Currency Rates For Predicting Currency Trend

If you are planning a money transfer abroad or intend to open an account with a Forex dealer one of the first steps is to start learning how to read historical currency exchange charts. Countless websites offer free and paid Forex charts. Real time Forex charts are intended for use by professionals while delayed quotes… Read More »

Best Forex Trading System

You are out there finding the best forex trading system that can pick up profitable trades that lets you able to earn nicely. So how you find the best system that just do exact just that? How sure are you that the best forex trading system will actually able to find profitable trades for you… Read More »

Usd Exchange Rate Historical Data – How to Trade Forex Or Stocks From Excel

Usd Exchange Rate Historical Data Forex is a huge, lucrative market. Now, a trader can tap into this market just by making a trade from Excel, Microsoft’s powerful and easy-to-use spreadsheet software. This article is a guide for anyone who wants to know how to do so, whether a novice or expert currency trader. Usd… Read More »